Commit 765a2f32 authored by Tomáš Pecka's avatar Tomáš Pecka

Fixes in docker commands

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......@@ -19,10 +19,9 @@ stages:
- IMAGE="${CI_JOB_NAME#build:}"
- cd "$IMAGE"
- echo "In dir=$(pwd), going to build imagename=${IMAGE_NAME}"
- echo "Building image '${IMAGE}' as '{IMAGE_NAME}'"
- docker build -t "$IMAGE_NAME" .
- docker run -t "$IMAGE_NAME"
- docker push -t "$IMAGE_NAME"
- docker push "$IMAGE_NAME"
dependencies: []
# Repository for Algorithms Library Toolkit CI images
Every image has its own directory. If you want autobuild, then add the following lines into `.gitlab-ci.yml` file:
<<: *docker_template
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