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# Upscaling of weather radar video resolution
# Precipitation Video Resolution Upscaling
The repository for NI-MVI semestral work on video resolution upscaling.
......@@ -9,6 +9,13 @@ Vezměte krátké 5-10 sekundové video a vytvořte generátor, který bude gene
video s vyšším rozlišením. Používejte obě architektury: GAN a U-Net.
Porovnejte výsledky.
## Report
## SR of the precipitation video
![SR with U-Net DIV2K model](data/output_unet_div2k.mp4)
![SR with SRResNet model](data/output_srresnet.mp4)
## Milestone
The objective of this work is to 4x upscale the resolution of `data/target.mp4` video. The video contains 24 hours of weather radar precipitation data with a resolution of 480x270 pixels. Weather radar data is generally noisy, which poses a secondary challenge of denoising the data during SR.
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