Commit 5d451855 authored by Ondřej Guth's avatar Ondřej Guth

FIX all rights reserved label ending with double full stop (preprint)

parent 8f1cfda1
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......@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@
\noindent \thectufituniversity \\
\noindent \thectufitfaculty \\
\noindent \textcopyright{} \thectufityear{} \thectufitauthorfull. \thectufitallrightsreservedlabel.\\
\noindent \textcopyright{} \thectufityear{} \thectufitauthorfull. \thectufitallrightsreservedlabel\\
\noindent \textit{\thectufitcopyrighttext}
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