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Merge jt

Jan Trávníček requested to merge merge-jt into master


  • note on variant::is to DEVELOPER_NOTES
  • fixing prompt character (I need to design a test but it should work as expected, please check > on just enter, '+' after \, '+' when within an unfinished string literal)
  • redirecting a file into aql2 behaves as if -f was used with the file.
  • deduplicates some code
  • redesigns handling of type aliases like size_t (this one only at the time; yes the FIXME is there intentionally)
  • fixes incorrect comparison in the type abstraction of templated type
  • type abstraction now represents set { } as a set of an unknown type (as it is empty) and template < class T > ... set < T > as a set of the universal type to allow correct collapsing of a set of a variant of int and unknown type to just set of int (looks better indeed)

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