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Dev tp

Tomáš Pecka requested to merge dev-tp into staging

Various frontend changes:

  • Small refactors (misplaced files IMHO)
  • Refactored both visual and code in WebUIAboutBox to both show deployed versions and clickable links leading to gitlab
  • Finished #40 (closed): Decoupled webui and core
    • Webui now fetches the definitions (algos, version, casts) from the API
    • Loading spinner is shown until the API request is processed
    • removed static_jsons and json_generators (the introspection is done by the worker since !21 (merged)) so the algorithm list is not bundled anymore which should simplify dev setup. Simplified deployment (we do not need core)
    • bundle current git version (requires bash and git when building with npm start or npm run build)

If you can't or don't wish to deploy and test yourself, just merge and let's see what happens We can always fix later.

Closes #40 (closed)

Edited by Tomáš Pecka

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