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ci: speed up, possibly remove docker TOOMANYREQUESTS errors

Tomáš Pecka requested to merge merge-tp into staging

This series of commits both simplifies and complicates the CI.

  • The test jobs for worker and webui are squashed into build jobs. I think there is no benefit in having them separate. if separated, they have to be in separate stages and therefore the CI must run longer (pulling images, waiting for prev stage to end, ...). So let's add the tests into the build process.
  • All the remaining test jobs (clang-format only for now) is run in build phase as well
  • The runner runs in gitlab CI on docker runners. We use a lot of docker pulls and the underlying FIT infrastructure does not login to docker hub. This results in a lot of unauthenticated pulls (from all the projects on this gitlab instance) and we fastly reach pull limit. Let's bypass that by creating local copies of the most used images in repository and use those.

cc @litavhan

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